New Beginnings

Happy New Year! After blogging our adventures in Tanzania, I decided that I really quite love blogging and wanted to continue. I know that few may read this but I find it to be a great way to capture everyday life as it happens. Therefore, this blog will be filled with just that; adventures, travels, the everyday, family, puppies, cooking, Jesus and more.

To start out the new year Austin and I have again made goals for the coming year. Here are just a few of them:

Blog Once a Week
Cook from Scratch Three Times a Week
Read One Book a Month
P90X all 90 days not necessarily in a row
Play Piano Once a Week
Play Soccer
Walk the Dogs More and Take to Dog Park Once a Week
Triathlon Complete Olympic distance Triathlon
Date Night Once a Month
Keep to a Budget
Keep Consistent with Quiet Times and Prayer

Hopefully you have made some for the upcoming year as well. Happy New Year from Northern Arizona, blanketed in four feet of new snow.

Finally together with my family for Christmas! : )


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