Surprise Date Night

Austin and I were blessed with a surprise date night this week. After a very tiring week coming back from vacation, it seemed as if it had been nothing but full speed ahead since we arrived. My dad offered us tickets to the U of A Wildcats Mens Basketball game versus Cal. A bit unsure if we would have the energy to go to a “late” game (8:30pm), I decided why not? Besides it was free.

That night Austin and both had other events leading up to the game and even ate separately, but once we got on the road the game we quickly realized that it was a date night that we had not even intentionally planned. We got to the game late, which is no surprise that we were late, after coming  back from Africa, we have become even more so “those people”, the ones who are always late, however, this time around I do not mind it one bit. The game was exciting and it is always fun seeing Tucsonans, cheering loud and proud for the Wildcats. Our favorite part by far, was the half time performance done by the captain of the baton twirling team, who is a national champion. She ROCKED the house! I didn’t know people could do such fancy things with batons. Very impressive.

The baton twirling champion (far right)!

Don’t believe me, here is an article about how awesome she is.

Due to having work the next morning, and liking to go to bed at reasonable hours these days, we left the game with 10 mins left in the second half. The Cats had just come back to a tie game after being down the first part of the second half. Apparently, they won by just one basket with an awesome comeback. Go figure we would leave early. It reminds me of the time we were in Chicago, watching the Cubs game, at Wrigley Field, and decided to leave, and they got a grand slam to win the game. Biggest win of the year, and we were loading on the train hearing the crowd errupt. Honestly, we don’t really care. We like to watch sports, but we enjoy being with each other more and once  we are tired it is more than okay if we miss the “big” moment, because the biggest part to us is that we were together.


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