Good Ol’ Fashion Fun

My parents invited us over for dinner with some great family friends and the two foreign exchange students living with my parents. Unlike when I was growing up with my parents, my mother has taken a liking to cooking, thanks to the Food Network channel, and she now actually really cooks. No more Ragu, frozen chicken, or pizza, no she is all about finding new tasty recipes. With the help of So Young and Daniel, the exchange students, she made Tangerine Marinated Steaks, Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, and some form or Espresso Brownies. It was all delicious! Way to go MOM!

After dinner we brought out the “Party Box” Apples to Apples, great for lots of people around one table. All 10 of us began playing. It is always fun to play Apples to Apples with a group of people you have not played with before, because knowing how each person thinks helps to win the game, so it sure does make it more interesting. We played for almost 2 hours, and laughed until we cried at points. I just love being able to be around a table with family and friends enjoying great conversation and much laughter!


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