Doggy Prison

Meet Our Puppies:

King Charles the Lion Hunter a.k.a. Charlie

Osa Bear, My favoritest (not that parents have favorites.)

And for the time being Tank. (We are dog sitting him for our dear friends and happy to have him join the Baum crew.)

They enjoy:

-Their Morning Bones

-Playing at the Dog Park

-Going to Grandma and Grandpas

-Goofing off with Each Other at Home

-Nap Time on their Dog Beds

-Cuddle time with Mommy and Daddy

Although we love them very much the amount of dog hair in the house has gotten out of control. I bought Austin a Roomba for Christmas and although Roombie, as we affectionately call her, works well the hair is still out of control. After vacuuming the couches, yes, just the couches, for over and hour, I decided enough was enough! So we but up a barricade and have locked them in “doggy prison.” Although at first they seemed confused, they are all very unhappy with this situation. Charlie has been talking not stop, yes Charlie talks, kind of sounds like a dog howling at the moon but with personality that shows. Osa looks longingly at me as if to say “PLEASE GET ME OUTTA HERE MOM! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”  Tank continues his usually whining chorus. Austin and I have felt pains of them being their too, as we love having them around and feel they do not deserve a punishment. Of course, we already gave in and they sat with us while we watched a movie, and they still sleep in our room at night on their beds. Yes, we are suckers. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were all just hairless?

YUCK! Don’t worry Puppies! I won’t do that to you!


2 thoughts on “Doggy Prison

  1. We love you soooooo much for taking such good care of Tank. So sorry about all that hair! We have tried taking the vacuum to the dog on occasion and that seems to help a little?

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