Spanish Tortilla

In case you don’t know Spanish Tortilla has NOTHING to do with what we picture when we here the word tortilla. Instead, it is more like an omelet, although, to me if made right does not taste like one at all. It is made with potatoes, eggs, an onion (optional) a bit of sea salt and olive oil. Simple ingredients yet so tasty. Here is a detailed description and history for the curious, provided by Wikipedia.

After living in Spain for a semester, Austin fell in love with this Spanish treat, and after a summer there studying myself, I too came to appreciate its simplicity and deliciousness. While in Tanzania, I decided why not try to make this dish. Well I quickly learned after a few trials that this dish although seemingly easy, was one that you are either born into a family that makes it and it is second nature to you, or if you are a foreigner you need some serious practice, help and tips to make correctly. Disappointed with all of my tries in Africa, I still wanted to find a recipe that makes this “simple,” “everyday” dish for the Spaniards one for me as well.

Just the other day I was going through my cookbooks in attempts to eat more at home, and low and behold I came across a recipe for Spanish Tortilla, in our Spanish Cookbook. Excited, and optimistic, I decided I should give it another try, and boy am I glad I did because it came out GREAT! Best Tortilla I have made yet! Hopefully, I can cut down on the time it takes now that I know it is a good recipe. Austin is SUPER PUMPED and so am I. It is like being in a Spanish Tapas bar right in our own dining room. Hooray for good recipes!

Here it is in case you are feeling experimental. Enjoy : )

My latest attempt. No, it is not perfect, but pretty dang close.


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