Boys Will Be Boys

“Dude! This is AWESOME!”

“Look at how SWEET this is.”

“Pretty good for a pipe and some fishing line.”


These are the words that came from my living room the other night as Austin and his good friend Peter “worked” together on yet another one of their “man” projects. If you know Austin at all, you know that he loves a good man project. Most of the time he is the one thinking up the idea and then he shares it with a friend so he can rope them into working on it with him.

The most recent idea was to create a jib, it’s a crane that makes it so that you can move a video camera to see angles that you would not be able to get otherwise. It is the kind they use to film movies. Apparently these things can be quite pricey and buying one was out of the question, so they decided to try and make one. Many of Austin’s ideas tend to be pricey (i.e. renting out a hangar so they could buy the parts and assemble their very own plane,) so the fact that this one could be potentially cheap made me a huge fan!  Between the two of them they had a lot of the materials already, which was nice. They say they spent somewhere around $30 bucks on the whole thing! Pretty awesome. This was the outcome:

Making a jib

AND IT WORKED! They were super excited and I was very impressed! WAY TO GO BOYS! Keep up the creative, CHEAP ideas, that might one day generate us some extra income.



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