The Phone Call: A Lost Form of Real Communication

Remember the days when you were waiting eagerly for someone to call you on your land-line phone so you could talk for hours with your friend, or that someone you like? Once they did call you could shut the door, wrap the phone cord around your finger again and again, and chat away. Unless of course your little brother or mom tried to eavesdrop which you could always hear when they picked up, at which point a “Insert name here! GET OFF THE PHONE!!!” would come out instinctively. Or were you one of the lucky ones who had your own phone line so no one could listen in. Maybe even a cordless phone. Either way TALKING on the phone was cool!

I am starting a small group with some college freshmen and sophomore girls, some of whom I have not met before, trying to be more “personal” in my attempts to get things going, I decided calling them would be the best way to do that. And so I called. I ended up getting only voice mails, and within a 48 hour period only 1 of the 6 called me back.

So I thought, okay, maybe I will try a different method. Although in my opinion not as personal, I sent a Facebook message to each of them. And to my surprise within a 12 hour period from this being sent, each girl had responded and we had a date and time set. MIRACLE!

I know that Facebook has taken over life but, seriously, I would rather have a conversation with someone I never met before. Call me old fashioned, but I also still maintain that a phone call that takes less than a minute to set up a dinner or coffee date, is way more efficient than a text conversation that can span over hours, be unclear, and cause unnecessary interruptions throughout your day. I will admit there are times when a simple text is nice, especially when I am not in the mood for talking, however there is an aspect of it that takes away the human nature of conversations that I just don’t like at all.

I love to hear people’s voices. I love to hear the tone of their voice and how they are REALLY doing, not just receive a text that says “I’m fine,” or “I’m good,” with no inclination of what that may truly mean. I love hearing the excitement, joy and laughter of a person on the other end of the phone.


*Once Face to Face time becomes more ubiquitous obviously this would be a better choice, but until then this, in my opinion, is the best solution.

*Outside of phone chats I would much rather be sitting at a coffee shop with a person, but sometimes it is just not possible, which makes the phone call all the more necessary.


2 thoughts on “The Phone Call: A Lost Form of Real Communication

  1. Amy this is so true. I remember when talking on the phone with a friend was precious time and not an inconvenience. I have got to the point with the texting and work calls I do not even want to answer my phone. Good luck with your family and may the Lord bless you in all that you do.

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