Random Days

The past few days have been filled with random, sad and some oh so exciting things. Here’s a just a taste:

– Went to the dentist, in America, for the first time in a long time, of course I was 10 minutes late and got THE LOOK from the secretary and she scolded me for it. I told her I still run on African time. However, the dental hygienist told me my teeth had practically nothing on them and they were beautiful so it did not take long. Yay for good teeth!

So true!

-After years of complaining about how large our couches were Austin and I decided to take the plunge and sell them on craigslist. We sold them with in 24 hours of posting the add for almost exactly what we wanted and then turned around and bought a new smaller couch for ourselves with in the next 24 hours.

The doggies enjoying the old couches.

– Due to new furniture we decided to swap the living room with the dining room and vice a versa. It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely.

The New Dining Room (Still need some chairs)

The New Living Room

– In case you live in a hole, the weather in America has been much colder than people care for, even though it is winter. Tucson has not escaped this cold spell. We woke up to frozen pipes and a temperature of 14 which feels like 4 degrees with wind chill. Brrrrr…. However, you will not see me complaining one bit. I will take this over sweating any day!

Yes! It can happen in Tucson too.

– I applied for a job at 10am and received a call back the same day at 4pm. Talk about the Lord’s provision. I still do not have the job yet but I have an interview tomorrow. Pray for me.

– A good friend of the family passed away this week, at the age of 85. She and her husband have attended the church I grew up at since before I can remember and faithfully have been there every week at the Mass my parents sing at for years and years. Frank and Lyn met as children and have been married for over 64 years!!! Talk about a life long love. So inspirational. They are wonderful people and even took my brother under their wings as he joined the military. Pray for Frank as I am sure it will be hardest on him. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful life!


Drew with Lyn and Frank at Christmas.


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