Day 3

Well I am still stuck here in bed and 3 full days of  this has resulted in in some rather embarrassing behaviors.

After watching “good tv” and “good movies” such as Despicable Me, and Heroes, I have now resorted to trash TV. Keep in mind a few weeks ago we did not even have a TV and I was more than okay with it because of how the junk sucks me in. I have now, shamefully I might add, watched for the first time:

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader (Not as exciting as it seemed coming from a 5th grade teacher’s perspective.)

The VIEW (Those ladies seriously talk too much, and when did Whoopi Goldberg become the leading lady? It’s all good Whoopi because I will always love you for your role in Sister Act 2.)

The Price Is Right (Without Bob Barker and with Drew Carey, it’s just not the same.)

Rachael Ray (The TV show not her cooking show on Food Network. I must give kudos though because I learned how to cut grape tomatoes in half much faster by using two plastic deli lids one on top one on bottom and placing the tomatoes between.)

Regis and Kelly (Apparently being sick has made me more emotional than normal because I sobbed when they were doing their portion on “The World’s Greatest Love Stories.”)

However there have been some good things that have happened:

My fever is gone! HOORAY

I weigh the same that I did the day after my wedding. (For those of you who do not know Austin and I and many of our guests were blessed by one of those nasty flus that spreads overnight, the night of our wedding. Thankfully it did not happen until after all the celebrations and we had a few hours at the hotel together. Needless to say it resulted in some unneeded weight loss.)

The puppies are in HEAVEN! I have been too lazy to open and close the door for them so I have resorted to leaving it open all day. They fresh air is nice and they can choose inside with mommy or outside basking in the sun.

Osa, my loyal puppy, right at my couch side.

Tank enjoying nap time.

Charlie soakin up the rays on this perfect 80 degree weather day. He is just like his father.


And last but not least, I GOT A FULL TIME JOB! YAY!


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Ok, so I totally agree with all of your TV assessments. On a down day, we will catch some daytime TV, and I can barely stand it. But I do like Rachel Ray. Thanks again for being a mommy to Tank, he looks very happy in the pics. Max also appreciates seeing the pictures. He’s happy to meet other dogs at the dog park at the RV park and will throw the ball for them if they’ll play. Glad you’re feeling better!

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