A Serious MAN Project

For sometime now, Austin has been wanting to get some new gravel for the backyard. Finally, all of the pieces came together and we made the trip out to the gravel “store” with a huge trailer.

We got over 3 tons of gravel and were riding dangerously low on the way back home. Thankfully we made it back safely.

Then it was time for the REAL work. The trailer is apparently a fancy trailer because it has a lift that makes it much much easier to get the gravel out of when relocating.

Poor Austin was out there all day, on his day off, doing the whole thing on his own. Although these are the types of projects he likes to do on his days off, so it is somewhat typical. He moved over 3 tons worth of rock and gravel on his own today. Needless to say I am sure he is going to be super sore tomorrow.

A work in progress

All that hard work paid off though, because the end result looks great!

Even the puppies like it.

THANKS for all your hard work my love!




Monopoly Deal has easily become one of Austin and my favorite card games to play. We were introduced to it by our dear friends the Kriegers in Tanzania, and we have now introduced our family and many friends to the game as well. If you have not played it yet you should head straight to Target, or the like and get yourself a deck. Great for multiple players or just two. It is great because it does not take anywhere near as long as regular Monopoly.

I beat Austin, his dad and brother tonight. Always feels good to win every once in awhile.
What’s this game called anyways? I WIN! : )


Well, it hadn’t happened to me yet so I guess I was due for a lapse in blogging. The combination of a new job, lots of house improvement projects, perfect weather for gardening and other outside activities and still adjusting to life in Tucson, has left me with a complete lack of motivation to document anything.

So here I am again. I will try to catch up on the past events for the last month and a half.

Buckelew Wedding

Austin’s cousin got married and we drove up to Parker, Arizona to see it first hand. We drove up with Austin’s brother Matt and sister Amy. Our first stop was Lake Havasu where we saw the London Bridge. Pretty silly that they brought it all the way to Arizona, but it makes for a good picture.

London Bridges Falling Down

Next up the wedding. Seeing as how I had never been to Parker, I was not sure of what to expect. As we arrived we soon realized that we were for sure over dressed for the occasion. For the first time in my life I felt like a true city folk. Ha. And I am from Tucson. The truth is no one cared.

City Folk.

Regardless the wedding was beautiful. The boys all wore bolero ties, and cowboy hats, and even the dog was dressed up. So cute.

Cousins : )

Anjela and John

The reception was at the local casino. Water slides, gambling, night club, quincineras, everything was going on at the Blue Water Casino. We got lots of time with family which was great. The flower center pieces were grown on the Buckelew farms. So pretty. The reception was rowdy and full of country dancin. You had to pay for soda but the Bud Light was flowin free all night long. It was a hoot!


At least next time I will know to bring my boots and hat.