A Serious MAN Project

For sometime now, Austin has been wanting to get some new gravel for the backyard. Finally, all of the pieces came together and we made the trip out to the gravel “store” with a huge trailer.

We got over 3 tons of gravel and were riding dangerously low on the way back home. Thankfully we made it back safely.

Then it was time for the REAL work. The trailer is apparently a fancy trailer because it has a lift that makes it much much easier to get the gravel out of when relocating.

Poor Austin was out there all day, on his day off, doing the whole thing on his own. Although these are the types of projects he likes to do on his days off, so it is somewhat typical. He moved over 3 tons worth of rock and gravel on his own today. Needless to say I am sure he is going to be super sore tomorrow.

A work in progress

All that hard work paid off though, because the end result looks great!

Even the puppies like it.

THANKS for all your hard work my love!



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