Happy New Year!

Welp 2011 was a crazy year to say the least. There were many high but also some lows. Here is just a small picture of what has happened:

*Venturing up to Parker, AZ for a good ole’ Buckelew Wedding for Austin’s cousin.

*Visiting Austin’s Mom and Craig in Las Vegas for her birthday.

*Taking a group of Young Life girls to Malibu camp in British Colombia.

*Going to my dear friend Gigi’s wedding in San Diego. Soaking up the beach and beautiful weather.

*Going to Phoenix for Austin’s good high school friend’s wedding Jessica and Jim.

*Spending lots of time with great friends and our families.

*My brother shipping off to Afghanistan. Prayers for protection greatly appreciated.

*The loss of two men much to young from our Young Life Community. Thank you Lord for the lives of Tyler Edmiston and Troy Gray. Bless their families and comfort them each day.

*Many trips to my parents cabin in the White Mountains.

*Cheering on the first ever professional soccer team in Tucson, FC TUCSON. GO BD!

*Leading a small group with some of the most wonderful women you will ever meet.

*Serving on the Assignment team at Lost Canyon for College Weekend.

*Celebrating my parents 30th anniversary!

*Completing a class to become foster parents sometime in the future.

*Spending our third anniversary in San Carlos swimming with dolphins and relaxing on the beach.

*The sudden loss of my grandmother Cecelia. We miss her dearly.

*Finding out about the arrival of Baby Baum in March of 2012 : )

As I said it has been a crazy year however, the Lord has blessed us with so much and we have so much to be thankful for. Praying that 2012 allows us to grow closer to Him each day and for us to be able to feel his joy each day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Love Austin Amy and Baby Baum

As a quick side note. I know I have not blogged in forever, I do want to blog more but I am not making any blogging promises as I know that just sets me up for failure. So hopefully I will get to it but with a new born coming soon who knows what will happen. Just taking one day at a time.


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