Larmey LOVING!

After being back from Africa for over a year and a half now, it is has been that long since we have seen the people that took us in, loved us and we considered our family while we were there. FINALLY after all this time we were blessed with some time with them. We are lucky because even though they will live in another state far away, they have family here which makes it so that get to see them too.

Honestly, there was much anticipation of them coming over. We knew our time with them would be wonderful but all too short. We wanted to make the most of our time because we love them so much and would hate to waste a moment.

They came over to our house and we made them the Morales special, Tacos with Pea Sauce. If you haven’t had them just invite yourself over Austina and I are happy to make them for anyone. We marveled in the the time with them and got to catch up on how life in Tanzania is, how big all the kids have gotten and just love each other. It was truly a special time. I only wish that we could have more time with them. You never know, one day we may be living in Africa again with them but until then I am going to savor the moments with our African friends and family that we get to have here in the States.



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