Thoughts on One Year Old’s Birthday Parties…

We were invited to our dear friend’s joint first birthday party for their little girls and were super happy to attend. Grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends were all there to say happy birthday to the sweet baby girls. I haven’t been to a one year old birthday party in awhile but being there reminded me of a few things.

1) One year old’s can get easily over stimulated by too many people, and too much food. We realized this as one of the babies had not had a nap, was pretty fussy compared to her normal self, and even face planted into the ground crying when people were trying to console her and pick her up.

2) One year old’s could careless if you sing them Happy Birthday but LOVE to eat cake and get REALLY MESSY while doing it.

3) Cake pops are a great option when little kids are around as they are fun, easy to eat, and way smaller portions than normal pieces of cake.


3) One year old birthday parties are more for the friends and family than for the baby, and that is more than alright.

Happy Birthday Sweet Nevaeh and Ellie! We LOVE you!


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