Tough Mudder 2012


Austin heard word about the “Tough Mudder Race” from a friend and being the man that he is decided that he needed to get a team together to complete “The toughest event on the planet.”

Want more info on the race, check it out here. They hold them all over the country, and even other countries too.

Austin was able to get 4 other manly men to join in his quest to become Tough Mudders. We arrived early as they were part of the first wave to get started. They got face paint, numbers tattooed on, and hydrated with some free supposedly “electrolyte boosting,” bright green drinks as they waited. Then the announcer came on to get the crowds pumped up, and then they were off.

The course contained 29 different obstacles, over 12.5 miles of terrain. Some of the events included:

-The Arctic Enema (A dumpster full of ice the had to submerge themselves into)

-Berlin Walls (Multiple sets of walls they had to climb over)

-Boa Constrictor (Crawling on your belly through tunnels full of mud.)

-Twinkle Toes (Crossing a 40 ft balance beam over a pool full of water.)

-Hold Your Wood (Carrying a wooden log for over half a mile.)

-Mud Mile (Jumping into consecutive, deep piles of mud.)

-Walk the Plank (Jumping off of a plank into a huge pool of yellow goo.)

-Everest (Climbing up a slippery half pipe, relying on your teammates to grab your hand and help pull you over.)

-Funky Monkey (Climbing monkey bars over a pool of toxic green colored something or rather.)

-Electroshock Therapy (Getting through an area covered with live electric wires with over 10,000 volts.)

As the photographer of the group, I did not plan on the amount of exercise Baby and I would be getting as we went from even to event. I walked at least 6 miles just to get where I needed to get the right photos. However, it was worth every second.

The group stayed together for the entire race which was great. They kept pretty good spirits, until the very end when they were shocked with the Electroshock Therapy. Apparently some of them and many other Tough Mudders blacked out during the Electroshock Therapy. Not such a good idea if you ask me.

Afterwards they even got some “free” (I’m sure it is covered in the race fee) beer, which they were all very happy about.

So proud of you all. Congrats on becoming TOUGH MUDDERS!


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