Brother Gets Married

So my little brother came back for his leave from Afghanistan and during that time he made some pretty exciting life changes. He got back and a few days later got engaged. He planned out a romantic engagement at the zoo, complete with some up close and personal encounters with some of the animals. It went off without a hitch and Emily was surprised.

Then a few days later they drove off to the Grand Canyon, and eloped. They got married on the rim of the canyon at sunset. This was all planned so it was not a surprise to all of us. The pictures were beautiful!

We then got to spend a few weeks just hanging out with them which was wonderful! Just having quality family time, dinners and enjoying the beautiful Tucson weather.

Drew and Emily are planning on having a bigger wedding with family and friends once both of them get back from their tours in Afghanistan. Until then we are very excited for them in this new life adventure and we are praying for them as they are both bravely serving our country. May God bless their journey and their marriage.

Welcome to the family Emily! Congrats little brother!


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