More LOVE for Baby Baum

This  baby sure is well LOVED! We had two showers in one day that were both absolutely fabulous!

The first was hosted by Grandma Marilyn, who is a wonderful woman we know from church that we consider our church grandma, and our dear friend Tina. There were some wonderful women from our church that came to celebrate the coming of Baby Baum. We had a delicious breakfast and got showered with lots of gifts.

Thank you so so much for all of the love!

The lovely ladies from our church : )

Grandma Marilyn

The second was the first ever Baby Baum’b’que! It was hosted by two of my bestest friends Ani and Kristin, who are excellent at hosting parties if I do say so myself. It was perfect! We had some delicious food, watched the U of A basketball game, enjoyed great company and prayed for our soon to be baby! Austin spent the day using his new smoker which he got on Craigslist for $35, and produced some tasty smoked ribs. We got lots of baby goodies from our friends which was so fun.

I ❤ my small group girls!

Baby Baum's friends the Berans : )

Morales family : )

Baum Family : )

Austin smokin ribs on the new smoker.

Ani and Kristin! The Bestest hosts ever!

We were seriously overwhelmed by the amount of love and excitement surrounding the arrival of this baby. We are so blessed by our community of friends and family! Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging us and praying for us in this time.


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