Week 3

James is 3 weeks today!
He is getting to be a lot more interactive. This past week he has started to pick up his head for long amounts of time on his own, track his Daddy with his eyes, really be able to focus on you when you are talking to him. He is also enjoying tummy time and is no longer keeping his legs and arms in like a new born.
At his doctor’s appointment he gained one pound since the last appointment which leaves him at 7 lbs. 2 oz. He is now 21 inches long.
He is super fun and we are enjoying every moment with him!

Super cute outfit from Auntie Vern and Auntie Rhonda ; )

Happy James

Pensive James


Love This!

Such a small little peanut!

First time playing the piano

He's not so sure about it yet

Taking a nap with Charlie

Sporting his Okosh Bgosh outfit from Granny

3 weeks


The Second Week

Here are some more pictures of James for your viewing pleasure! He is TWO WEEKS old today : )

Sleeping Babe

Hi There!

What are you lookin at?

Our First Walk

Cuddling with Daddy

My Handsome Boy!

One Tired Daddy

Family Pic

Looking So Grown Up

Hungry James with an Alfalfa hair do : )

Looking Good

Poppin my collar

Our First Big Outing Jere and Steph’s Wedding

Getting cozy with my mom in my moby

Super Cute!

Passed Out!


Welcome Sweet Baby JAMES!

HE CAME! He finally came! And we could not be more excited!

JAMES MICHAEL BAUM was born at 4:41pm. He weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. His head was 14 inches in circumference which they say is actually quite large for a newborn. Bigger the head bigger the brains is what I say.

He was born at 39.5 weeks due to the fact that my blood pressure was not so good and my body was saying get this baby out of me! Thankfully, all went well with the birth and he is healthy as a clam! I on the other hand had some issues but PRAISE THE LORD for all of my doctors and nurses who took great care of me!

My mom and dad were in the room when he was born along with Austin and a team of doctors and nurses. It was so special to be able to have my parents see their first grandson born! After he was born there were so many family members that were ready to welcome sweet James to the world. One after the other the family members made their way in to oooo and ahhh over his cuteness.

Now of course I am biased but he sure is a cute baby and was even good looking when he came out if you ask me. He is so handsome!

We are so grateful for this baby and praise the Lord for keeping us both healthy.