Week 4

James is getting bigger by the second it seems. He is four weeks old today. I will however be switching to monthly updates as of the 6th since it is easier to remember that than go by weeks.
This week James has started to find his thumb for sucking which seems to be something that he really likes to do. He got to spend lots of time with Grandma Marty as she came out and spent some quality time with her new baby grandson. He enjoyed being held and rocked to sleep by her everyday.
He really likes to be awake when people are around and wants to see what is going on.
We took our first trip to the zoo thanks to my Godmother Denice who got us a family zoo pass. Both grandmas got to join us at the zoo and get a good look at the new elephant enclosure that just opened this week.
What a great week!

Look at those dimples! (And yes we have finished watching 73 episodes of Cake Boss. Ha Ha.)

Taking a walk with mommy and daddy at sunset.


All Clean

Please don't make me go back inside!

Spending time with his friend Mae.

Peace out brotha!

Chillin at the zoo with Daddy

My Grandma's love me!

Family picture at the zoo

4 weeks


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