Seven Weeks

Hard to believe James is seven weeks already. He is getting more fun everyday. He is awake a lot of the day and full of smiles when he is awake. He loves hanging out with his daddy and especially loves falling asleep on his daddy’s chest. He seems to like it when we read books and smiles constantly when I sing for him. He is holding his head up really well these days. He has really gotten into a nice routine which makes running errands much easier. We have been spending a lot of time poolside as the heat is creeping up here in Tucson. He is for sure getting bigger but I don’t know how much he weighs. We have his two month check up next week so we will see next week. People always say how tiny he looks but compared to how small he was seven weeks ago he looks huge to me! His relaxed, fun personality is coming out more and more each day! Here are some recent pictures:

Whatchu want?


Chubby sleeping baby


Serious face



Precious baby boy



First baby poolside BBQ at the Racquet Club



Floor time at Ani's on my Kanga wearing cute stripes.



My grandpa loves me.



I love my binki!



Mr. Alert



Sweet morning faces




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