Winds of Change

We have had some major changes arise in the past few weeks here at the Baum house.

First, we are officially renting out house out as of the last week of July, which means we are MOVING! We have not found a house yet but we are looking now and if we don’t find something in time we will move in with my parents for a bit until we do. The whole circumstance presented itself without any effort so we are feeling confident that this is what the Lord has for us and trusting He will provide for us. Why is it that people always move in the middle of July???? Ha ha. Bad timing for the weather but great timing otherwise.

Second, I no longer have ANY wisdom teeth. Many of you may remember that I had to have one removed while living in Africa because it was infected. When we came back my dentist here informed me that I needed to get my other three out too due to a lack of space in my mouth but I was pregnant and had to wait until after I had James to get it done. I opted to just do novocain because the thought of going under gives me anxiety, plus it really is not that bad, honestly! It was super easy and quick. They have been healing nicely. Goodbye wisdom teeth. I can’t say I will really miss you.

Finally, and most importantly, I am OFFICIALLY a STAY AT HOME MOM!!! It took a long time to decide that this was the route I was going to take but I am so grateful I have the opportunity to and feeling wonderful about the decision. I really love the job that I have had working at the Blake Foundation assessing children in Child Protective Services and I am good at it which makes it that much harder to leave but I have always said I want to stay home with my babies before they are school age. Austin was supportive from the beginning but for some reason even though we were able to I had a hard time giving it the final ok. I has to get to a point where I could TRUST that the Lord will take care of us financially, TRUST that our health insurance situation would be manageable, and TRUST in His overall provision in this. I also had to LET GO of my need to be financially independent. I have never not been and the idea of my bringing in money was hard to accept. After some prayer and a great sense of freedom, I took the plunge and put in my resignation. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work at Blake with the families and children I was able to work with and maybe I will be back at it one day. However, I could not be more pleased to be able to stay home with this sweet face! Children truly are a BLESSING from the Lord!



Mommy Fellowship

I have been extremely blesses to be surrounded by a community of wonderful, faith filled mommies! Some of them a few steps ahead with babies older than James or multiple babies and some of them a few steps behind with babies younger than James or soon to be babies. James and I have been soaking up the opportunities to hang out with our friends. I love that my friends that have babies older than James are able to help me out and give me support and advice and that I am able to do this for friends with babies younger than James. It’s a great circle of mommy fellowship!


James and I hanging out with Stacey and Mae. And a shout out to her big sister Claire who loves baby James too.

One of James’ besties Harrison when we hung out with he and his mommy Corey
Hanging out with Kerrie, Piper and soon to be Reagan : )

The lovely Carrie, Nevaeh and soon to be James and Selah.


James’ friend Cohen whose mommy Jenna is another great mommy friend.
My dear friend Gigi who I’ve known since kindergarten with her baby Rob.

The best part about all of our friends is that we share our faith in CHRIST! In the craziness of being a mom with the lack of sleep, adjustment in marriage, emotional roller coaster and all most importantly the JOYS of having children we are able to encourage and support each other in His name. There is nothing like it when it comes to fellowship.

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

Relearning How to Sew

Having a baby these days is overwhelming! There are so many things out there that people say you MUST have for a baby. Reality is they really do not need much. However, I did want to have some kind of baby carrier for James as an infant. There are a multitude of types of baby carriers out there it is so hard to choose. They can be very expensive and on top of that you never know which one your baby will actually like so it is kind of a crap shoot.

I ended up being gifted a moby, a snugli, and a baby bjorn. However, James did not like the moby very much because he does not like to be confined and he wants to be able to see out. He has been too small for the bjorn and the snugli until recently so I needed another option. I had a friend who lent me a sling of hers which ended up being perfect!


This is what it looks like.
And this is it in action

However, my friend is having her second baby and is due any day so I had to give it back. I looked up the brand to see how much this little ditty costs and was SHOCKED to find it was ridiculously EXPENSIVE. “Petunia Pickle Bottom” the brand, can be found at Nordstroms and will cost you $71 for this baby! YIKES!

I could not justify buying this loop made of a cotton material for 71 bucks! So I decided to see if I could make one. My mother is quite good with the sewing machine and always tried to teach me as a child but I never has the patience to learn then. Thankfully she was able and willing to help me with this project! Our first trial ended up being a bit to small but practice makes perfect and I was able to create a sling that is almost identical to miss “Petunia Pickle Bottom’s.”


Cute floral print.
And it functions exactly the same.

And guess how much it was to make??

About $7!!!!! Beat that Petunia! I got the fabric SAS Fabrics a local store that has mounds of fabric laying out. It takes some searching but is totally worth the time. My fabric was $1.99 a yard and I only needed one yard of each fabric. Combine that with some thread and there you have it! Plus it was super easy to make. So easy in fact that I made another one for a friend.


You can’t tell here but it is a super cute owl print I found.

I am SO happy I decided to try to make this! I really enjoyed the time relearning how to sew, loved the final product, and can’t wait to venture into something new soon!

Family Time

James has had lots of family visitors recently. I have a rather large family and we are all very close which is so fun and Austin’s family has been coming to play with the baby too. It has been wonderful having everyone meet baby James.


Cousin Jill and baby James.

James and Aunt Mary

Uncle Frank and Aunt Jackie with James

Auntie Din Din who came all the way from San Antonio
James with Auntie Laura and Auntie Yolie

Visitors and more PICTURES : )


Auntie Jeanette came to visit


Playing in my bouncer at Granny and Grandpas.


Cousin Sarah drove all the way from LA to visit.


Uncle Bucky holding me for the first time.


Sporting my Dad’s new Buckelew Farms hat.




Breakfast with grandpa at Egg Connection


Dad showing me how to build the back fence.


Grandpa showing me off at the Freeman’s graduation party.


I only smile for U of A fans : )


I love my Granny!


Mr. Clean

Check out my sweet sunglasses!

My First Mother’s Day

It’s official! I’ve had my first Mother’s Day and James and Austin made sure to make it extra special. It all started with James sleeping for almost nine hours and then three more hours which allowed me to feel super rested. Woo hoo! Then Austin made me my favorite French toast.


Then I opened my gifts which included our first family photo framed and some new stationary which I LOVE and some flowers.


We then went to church. After church we spent some time with Grandma Marilyn which was so special. We sure do love her!


Then we went to lunch with my mommy and daddy. Unfortunately we did not take a picture but it was lots of fun and my mom got me a new cute summer dress : )

We then went home and James and I took a two hour nap. Some of my favorite times are our naps on the couch together. After our nap we went to the racquet club to hang by the pool and get a good workout it. Finally we made dinner and watched a movie about Africa in which they spoke Swahili which makes my heart happy to hear.

How blessed I am! And how grateful I am that I am a mother! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!





Cloth Diapers

During pregnancy I did my research and decided that I wanted to try out cloth diapers. However, it is a decision that takes some work as there are many cloth diaper options these days. I ended up going with a mixture of diapers from multiple brands. So far my favorites are the Fuzzy Bunz One Size pocket diapers. They are awesome because they have elastic that is adjustable and should be able I fit him until he is potty trained. Plus they have very few leaking issues and their snappy never come loose unlike the Velcro ones I have that do. The actual washing of the diapers is easier and not as gross as I thought it would be. I do of course use disposables here and there but using cloth diapers will save us money and not create as much waste. Double bonus.