Back to the Kitchen

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands I have been able to spend time planning out our dinners and time for cooking too. This makes me super happy as I really began to like cooking while we lived in Tanzania, especially cooking from scratch. I am still working on gathering all of my “it” recipes for some of the staples but I am getting closer all the time.

Here are some of my more recent adventures:


Delicious and super EASY granola

Lazy Granola Recipe


Baked Eggplant Parmesan

Baked Egg Plant Parmesan


Grilled Chicken served with a Mango Chutney

This Recipe is one that I stole from one of the cooks we worked with in Tanzania. You can use Pineapple or Mango (Pineapple makes it a bit more juicy and brings out the flavors well). You can serve it over chicken or fish with rice.

chopped pineapple or mango

chopped red peppers

one diced jalapeno

chopped cilantro

1/2 a juiced lime


Stuffed Peppers

Just kinda made this one up after watching a friend make these. I stuffed them with brown rice, ground beef, zucchini, and tomato sauce and topped them with cheese. I boiled the peppers for a few minutes on each side so they would soften a bit before stuffing them and putting them in the oven.


Ham, Tomato and Spinach Quiche (I didn’t get the picture of this one from right out of the oven. It tastes much better than this picture looks. I promise)

Ham and Tomato Quiche I added some cooked spinach to the quiche to get some greens in for the meal.

Chicken Curry










While living in Tanzania I really wanted to learn how to make Chicken Curry. I tried to learn it but never got it right. In fact, to date Austin says it is the worst thing I have ever made, and he was right. This just made me want to find a good recipe even more. This recipe is pretty good, I did not use sugar or lemon but followed it otherwise. I would love some pointers on curry if anyone has them. Chicken Curry Recipe

I have also made one of my standards Calabasitas, which are SO DEELISH as well as a pasta with chicken, peas and broccoli in a cream sauce that is to die for. I made brownies from scratch, which in my opinion are much better than the boxed kind. I also tried to make some cornbread. The recipe I used was pretty good but I think it could still use some tweaking. Cornbread recipe Lastly, I made chicken tacos, a family tradition.

Well, I am sure I have overwhelmed you with recipes for now, so I will leave it at that. I am sure there will be more to come.


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