My First Mother’s Day

It’s official! I’ve had my first Mother’s Day and James and Austin made sure to make it extra special. It all started with James sleeping for almost nine hours and then three more hours which allowed me to feel super rested. Woo hoo! Then Austin made me my favorite French toast.


Then I opened my gifts which included our first family photo framed and some new stationary which I LOVE and some flowers.


We then went to church. After church we spent some time with Grandma Marilyn which was so special. We sure do love her!


Then we went to lunch with my mommy and daddy. Unfortunately we did not take a picture but it was lots of fun and my mom got me a new cute summer dress : )

We then went home and James and I took a two hour nap. Some of my favorite times are our naps on the couch together. After our nap we went to the racquet club to hang by the pool and get a good workout it. Finally we made dinner and watched a movie about Africa in which they spoke Swahili which makes my heart happy to hear.

How blessed I am! And how grateful I am that I am a mother! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!






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