The McTovars : )

Life has been super busy the past few weeks but in the best way possible! I have been helping prepare for one of my best friend’s, Kristin’s wedding. Kristin and I met my sophomore year or college as she needed a place to live and I needed roommates. She and two other girls moved in that fall. I can honestly say it was the best year I had roommate wise in all of my years in college and much of it had to do with Kristin and how well she loves those around her. I have been so blessed by her friendship over the past 8 years.

And it gets better. She is married to Mr. Alex Tovar who I went to high school with, and who Austin has been on a small group for many years. The two could not be more perfect for each other!

We spent the past couple weeks making center pieces, signs and making sure all the details we taken care of. It was a lot of fun but reminded me just how much work weddings are! The wedding went off without a hitch and the reception was a blast! Congrats
Mr. and Mrs. Tovar!!




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