Update Time

We have been busy these last few weeks doing all sorts of random things. I have been learning how to do all sorts of new things to help Austin out with the business. I am now pretty well versed in quick books online and can even do all the backend work to make a website. Pretty Good!

James and I have been busy hanging out with friends which has been so fun! We have spent lots of time at the pool as the temperatures are well over 100 degrees everyday right now. We found a house! We just finished the process of inspections but so far so good! Prayers that everything will continue to go well would be appreciated! Closing date is set for July 17th. Which means we are moving in just a few weeks! Austin and I are continuing our training for an Olympic distance triathlon. It is August 12th so we have some more time for training. Unfortunately the heat keeps us to indoor training most of the time. Not quite the same but better than nothing.

James is growing like a weed and we are falling more in love everyday! He is laughing now but still only for certain people. For some reason my dad can always get him going. It is super cute! He is talking up a storm! He likes to play tug of war with his toys now. He is such a joy!!!

That is pretty much it for now. Here are some pictures to go with the updates!

















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