The Bone

Austin and I have lived walking distance from Lucky Wishbone, Tucson’s finest fried eatery since my dad was a kid, for four years now. However, we had not eaten there once since living there. Mostly because we do not choose to eat fried food often. But since we are moving out we decided to go for it. Fried chicken, steak fingers, fries, garlic toast and cole slaw. You can practically feel the grease clogging your arteries as you eat it. No doubt it’s the best fried food in town. Glad we did it but happy to say I don’t think I’ll be needing it again for a long time.



Date Night

We had our first official date night last night thanks to my lovely small group girls giving us a gift certificate to PF Changs. (Ps. This is a perfect gift for new parents!) We have left James with family and the nursery at the gym many times but not for a date night. Austin and I have never been good about date night but mostly because we spend so much time together it is like date night every night. However since having James we have realized the importance of time with just the two of us. We don’t want to get to the day when our kids are all grown up and have nothing to talk about because we spent so much time on the kids and not with each other. It was a blessing and we hope to do it more in the future! I sure do love my husband and I am so thankful for his love too!!


Indiana Time

After four years, we finally made it back to Howe, Indiana and the lake house on North Twin Lake that Austin spent many summers at growing up. The last time we were there we had just gotten engaged. Obviously so much as happened since then. We had such a wonderful time and my parents came along to experience the lake as well. I will narrate the trip through the many pictures I took.

James’ first plane flight.

A trip around the lake on the pontoon. Life is good.

Checking out the Shipshewana Flea Market

Granny and Grandpa came too!


Getting the sailboat ready.

My Great Great Aunt Jean giving me some love!

Decorating the pontoon for the flotilla.

A view of the lake house from the pontoon.

Baby Uncle Sam helping dad drive the pontoon.

WE WON! Taking back the Flotilla Crown! Baby Uncle Sam was the clincher.

Of course right after we won our battery went dead. Austin and Skylar had to pull us back to the house.

Happiness is ICE CREAM! Austin with his cousin Donny.

Choosing the fireworks for the big show.

Doing what you’re supposed to when you visit the lake! The water was perfect!

Family picture

The beauty of the lake at sunset

This is remnants of the first firework set off. It obviously was a dud. Cousin Donny was almost blown up. Needless to say the boys were scared! Don’t play with fireworks kids!

Grandpa teaching James Happy Baby Pose

A sweet Oldsmobile we saw at the car show at the Essen Haus an Amish Restaurant.

Sitting up like a big boy in his high chair for the first time.

Aunt Jude teaching James how to drive the pontoon.

Thanks for having us Aunt Jude!!! We love you!

Classic family picture on the front steps.

Fourth Months

My baby is four months today! I know I have said it before but he really is such a joy. So laid back and fun to be around. This month he has started really laughing and not just for my dad. He will even laugh for me too. He was not rolling much at all until this last week when he started to roll to one side. Then one day he rolled over on his own. He had a look of shock on his face. It was as if he had no idea he could do such a thing but he thought it was super fun. He went on his first plane ride and did great! This mommy and daddy were very thankful for that. He pretty much slept the whole way. He is such a blessing in every way.

Here is a link to a video of him laughing. James is Laughing

Friday Night BBQs

Austin and I have been members at the Tucson Racquet Club for four years now. We love it! It’s has a great family friendly atmosphere. The gym is great, especially when it is 100 degrees out. They have two pools one for laps and one for play. They have a ton of tennis and racquet ball courts. They have a full restaurant and bar, hair salon and our new favorite, a nursery for baby James. However one of the best parts of the racquet club we only recently discovered, Friday Night BBQS!

Beginning at the end if March all the way through September they host BBQS. Austin and I decided to finally check one out after James was born and we have been hooked ever since. There are kids running around everywhere, swimming in the pool and having fun with their friends. There is always a live band. You never know what you’re going to get but they are always usually pretty good. There is an enormous grill and the BBQ eats are flowing all night long. It really is a classic Tucson summer night. It reminds me of being at the swim meets when I was a kid.

Last Friday we decided to invite a few friends to join us as guests are free to this event. It was so much fun having our friends join us in this tradition. We had good food, swimming time, and great company! Who could ask for more?

Check out my new shades!

The Newlyweds with baby Selah

Nevaeh hanging out with James.

Splashing in the baby pool

James playing with baby Mae

All tuckered out after a long day of playing