Friday Night BBQs

Austin and I have been members at the Tucson Racquet Club for four years now. We love it! It’s has a great family friendly atmosphere. The gym is great, especially when it is 100 degrees out. They have two pools one for laps and one for play. They have a ton of tennis and racquet ball courts. They have a full restaurant and bar, hair salon and our new favorite, a nursery for baby James. However one of the best parts of the racquet club we only recently discovered, Friday Night BBQS!

Beginning at the end if March all the way through September they host BBQS. Austin and I decided to finally check one out after James was born and we have been hooked ever since. There are kids running around everywhere, swimming in the pool and having fun with their friends. There is always a live band. You never know what you’re going to get but they are always usually pretty good. There is an enormous grill and the BBQ eats are flowing all night long. It really is a classic Tucson summer night. It reminds me of being at the swim meets when I was a kid.

Last Friday we decided to invite a few friends to join us as guests are free to this event. It was so much fun having our friends join us in this tradition. We had good food, swimming time, and great company! Who could ask for more?

Check out my new shades!

The Newlyweds with baby Selah

Nevaeh hanging out with James.

Splashing in the baby pool

James playing with baby Mae

All tuckered out after a long day of playing


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