Five Months

Today James is five months. Hard to believe almost half a year has passed since he was born. These days he is very busy. He loves petting our dogs, smiling and interacting with other kids and babies and playing with his toys. He also loves to turn pages when we read books. He now weighs 16 lbs. 10 oz. His doctor is very happy with his weight. He did get a small cold of some kind but seems to be almost over it. We started introducing him to solids but we are not going to jump into it too quickly. He had some bananas and rice cereal. He seemed to like both of them and even likes to hold his own spoon.

As for other updates, we have moved out of our house and into my parents. It has been great spending time with my parents and James is loving all of the attention and spoiling from the grandparents. We are enjoying the awesome monsoon season we are having here in Tucson. There’s nothing better than sitting on the porch watching a storm come in. We also have been watching the Olympics which has been fun.

Here is a long awaited photo update of Mr. James:


Hanging out with Uncle Matt


I love play time with my dad!


My new favorite toy. Thanks Heidi!


Thanks for my minky Aunt Chris. It is so soft and cuddly!


Lots of love from Grandpa and Granny.


Morning smiles.


Happy baby pose.


Family time.


Eating some rice cereal for the first time.


My happy baby.


It’s not so easy to take pictures anymore! Squirmy worm.


One thought on “Five Months

  1. James is so cute….we enjoy seeing him grow.. so happy he likes his minky taggie blankie I made him….see you soon…xo Aunt Chris

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