I ❤ Flagstaff!

This weekend we headed North to the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona to get out of the heat and for Austin to compete in his first Olympic distance triathlon.

The weather was incredible the entire time, high in the 80s, low in the 50s with scattered rain showers and light breezes. Perfection! This made walking everywhere that much more enjoyable. I LOVE being able to walk to restaurants and shops. Unfortunately in Tucson this is not always possible and the heat is a turn off in the summers but not in Flagstaff. We walked to the park, coffee shops, grocery store and restaurants. The restaurant scene in Flagstaff has really grown since I last spent time there. We used our handy dandy Yelp app to give us some hot tips on places to eat and we were not disappointed. We ate a new Tapas restaurant which we were so happy about! We love Spanish food! And a new pizza joint called pizzicletta which has some of the best pizza I have ever had. Seriously!

Besides having a relaxing weekend in a gorgeous town, Austin participated in his first ever Mountain Man Olympic Distance Triathlon. He swam a mile, biked 24 and ran 6, while James and I cheered him on. We were so proud of him.

It was a wonderful weekend as a family! We hope to spend more time in Flagstaff in the near future!


Date Night


Like father like son


Random art in Flagstaff


This kid is happy!


Gearing up for the swim


Transitioning to the bike


Finishing the bike


Happy it’s almost over!



Yay! He did it!


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