Balance and Direction

Sometimes I feel as I there are so many things I would like to blog about but when I sit down to write I just can’t muster up anything good. Since having James, the blog has turned into a baby blog for the most part which is great for grandparents and family, but I want my blog to be more than photo updates on James and a baby diary. I want substance and deep thought, funny moments, delicious food, the every day life, faith and of course a bit of baby in there too. I guess I’m just trying I find a balance and it overwhelms me when I sit down to write it all.

For now I will give you a few snapshots of what is going on in life.

-We are still living at my parents. It is so fun seeing James interacting with Grandpa and Granny everyday. We are so grateful that we even have this option. Still not sure what our next housing step is at this point. Prayers appreciated!

-Austin’s sister got married on August 25th. It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun too. James was digging all of the attention everyone was giving him.

-I started my small group with my college girls again. We are doing a study on the book of Nehemiah. I LOVE these girls so much and LOVE growing in the Lord with them.

-Osa is having some health issues. What can I say she is OLD!!! I am just trying to make sure she is happy which it seems she is. I love that dog no matter how stubborn and strong willed she is!

– We spent the past weekend in San Diego with my Aunt, cousins and Dad. James got to go to the beach for the first time. Super fun trip!!


Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner!


James’ first U of A game! GO CATS!


With the family in San Diego at the Midway.


My cousins finding a fish on the beach! Super exciting!


Getting coffee with Clem, Erin and Oslo.


This baby LOVES the water!


Handsome Morales Boys! Those are some good genes!


James playing with his friend Rob. “Playing” mostly consisting of rolling on each other and sticking each others hands in each others faces.


James’ first time on the beach.


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