Another Man Project

My husband is almost done with assembling one of his projects that he has been working on since months before James was born: a TRICOPTER.


The mostly finished tricopter. Please note the amount of wiring and small parts it takes to make this thing work.

Austin always has new ideas and is wanting to create new things. One day he came home and proclaimed, I am going to build a helicopter. Some of his ideas are quite lofty, so being the supportive wife I said, “sure honey.” (To be fair he really has talked about buying a build your own plane kit to assemble with his friends in a rented hangar.) Once he explained to me he did not mean a real helicopter and that it was an inexpensive adventure I said go for it.

This project has turned out to be more detailed and intricate than any other project he has tried to figure out so far, and that is saying a lot considering all the projects Austin regularly takes on. Anyways, after hours and hours on forums, waiting super long for parts to come in that were ordered online and many trips to Hobby Town USA he almost has it working.

It really is a cool toy, but don’t tell him I told you it is a toy, he has filed it under business investment as he could potentially make money using his camera and getting sweet shots with it.

I am sure he will have it up and running very soon and you can request some sweet footage for your next event. I can just see it now: BAUMS TRICOPTER TOURS. I am sure he already has bought the domain name.

Check out these sweet videos that were created by tricopters.

Tricopter on the beach.

Tricopter tours the countryside.

*Caution: These are not child proof and Austin has already received cuts and gashes from playing with this toy.


Hard at work.


At the park giving the Tricopter it’s first real go.


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