Operation Treadmill

My parents have had a treadmill that has been collecting dust for some time now. Originally my dad bought it for my mom as a Christmas gift. It was used for awhile but has not gotten any real use for too long to justify keeping it. I have been telling them that I would be willing to sell it for them if they wanted to get rid of it. They finally gave me the go ahead so I posted it on Craigslist.

I had a few bites, but then I finally had someone to commit to it. The day she was going to come and pick it up I went to clean it off and make sure everything was running well. It has been stored on their back porch for awhile now as it was just taking up too much room elsewhere. After I hosed if off, and scrubbed it down I wheeled it inside. I then plugged it in. It turned on. Everything seemed to be going well so far.

Then I tried to do a practice run on it. The belt did not run. Hmmm. Every other button worked; fan, incline, calorie counter etc. but not the belt. I decided to do some investigation into the motor area. As I opened it up….

Pack rat nest. Talk about the good life.

Yikes! There was a pack rat’s nest. I am quite used to pack rats in this area of town but did not expect this. This explains why it wasn’t running, the pack rat must have chewed through the wires. My husband being the Mr. Fix-It that he is said he would take a look. As he took off the plastic cover we discover….

Hard to see but there it is. Super fatty.

EEEEKKEKEKEE!!! The PACK RAT IS STILL IN THERE! Is he dead??!!?? Is he alive??? Not sure. But this thing is in the house either way. Lets get it out!

We roll it back out and turns out the pack rat is still ALIVE!! He really had made himself a nice quarters in there complete with a large nest, pomegranates that had fallen off our tree, and dog food. Austin gets a brilliant idea to get my dad’s BB gun to shoot the rat. And so he does. No more rat.

Now we had to get the thing cleaned out and running. With the help of my dad cleaning it out and Austin rewiring it we got it up and running! Works like a charm.

The question is now, should I tell the person who wants it about this??? Anyone want a treadmill?? I’ll give you a great deal : )


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