7 Months

James is seven months. Currently he loves scooting around in his walker. He can cruise around pretty fast. With this new sense of independence he is opening cupboards, knocking things off of shelves, purposefully running into the dogs, and asking for food every time we sit down to eat. He even managed to chew up one of my dad’s old family photos. Time for some baby proofing.

He is chunker! He eats most anything we give him. Favorites currently are avocado, banana, zucchini and applesauce.

He is babbling a ton mostly with ga ga and da da. Austin is convinced he is saying da da for real. He is very aware and does not want us to leave the room for a second. He wants to interact and play all day long. He loves going for walks and loves it when we go jogging on the river path. He is outgoing and smiles for everyone in his path. He is reaching for you when you go to pick him up and cuddles you once you do. He melts my heart more everyday. Love you sweet Jamesy baby!!!

And now for the picture update:


First time at the beach. (San Diego, CA)


Play time with my friend Rob


Trying on my sweet Hawaiian outfit from Auntie Amy and Uncle Scott.


Playing with Daddy at the park. Love this!


Discovering things at the Children’s museum.


Eating watermelon. Don’t try and take it away from him. He won’t be happy.


I swear Austin gives me this same face.


James proud of himself for running into Osa. Poor Osa!


Tailgating with Grandpa.


7 month picture


Learning how to read.


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