No Pain, No Gain

I have now been home for over 24 hours and I must admit these have been the most painful hours I can remember having. I keep comparing it to having a constant contraction in your leg, which makes it more painful than the few hours of contractions I had before I got an epidural when giving birth. Yikes!

Thankfully, everyone who I know who has had this surgery did not sugar coat it. They all admitted it sucks and I can now testify to that truth.

However, as the saying goes no pain, no gain. I do know that in time all of this will have fixed my knee and allow me to exercise once again. Until then I am couch ridden so come visit me and keep me company!!!

Special thanks to my parents for all of your help and for my wonderful husband who is truly living out the “In sickness and in health” line.

P.S. A word to the wise try to avoid this injury at all costs.



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