Out of the fog…

I am now two weeks post surgery and feeling more like myself everyday. I did not think that I was in any sort of fog at the time, but now looking back the first week after surgery was quite a blur. Between coming out of the anesthesia and the percocet to offset the pain I was not myself. I really do not like taking heavy medications but the pain was quite intense and the medicine was very helpful for that. After getting off of the medication I was super emotional and  feeling crazy. SO SO SO many thanks to everyone that helped out taking care of James and I that first week!!!! I honestly have a hard time remembering who all was here and what all everyone did but I could not be more thankful for our great friends and family!!

What I did not realize was how much of an emotional roller coaster this all would be. It is difficult not being able care for yourself physically in ways that you always have been able to. Feeling like you are glued to a couch with no end in sight of when you will be able to function the same again. Not to mention the fact that I LOVE to exercise and it is my number one stress relief! I guess I’m going to have to figure something else out for these next few months. On top of that, I have a baby that is crawling and needs his mommy to be able to cuddle him, play with him and take care of his needs. I have felt helpless when I am not able to do things for him that I regularly can. Thankfully, this is getting better and I am able to do a lot more for James. However, it still is quite frustrating that he can move faster in his walker than I can right now. Even doing menial tasks such as dishes and laundry are way more exhausting and time consuming than ever. I could not be more grateful for a husband who is picking up the slack without complaint. He is a hero!!!

Each day I am getting better, and I am a lot more mobile on my crutches now which is great. (A major bonus will be my ripped arms after all of this crutching around.) Trying to focus on what I can do now, and not what I cannot do. Thankful that I live in a place where getting this surgery is even an option, so that I do not have to limp for the rest of my life. Thankful for supportive friends and family. Thankful for a baby who’s smile makes it all worth it. Thankful for the countless blessings in my life. To Him be the Glory!


One thought on “Out of the fog…

  1. It is very hard but you are such a trooper and each day is a healing day! Glad you are doing better! Hugs and kisses to you little James and Austin.

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