9 Months

Jamesy is 9 months today. Recent activities include: pulling himself up on coffee tables
and furniture but screaming when he is done being there because he hasn’t figured out how to lower himself yet, wanting to walk everywhere holding on to your hands, feeding himself two fistfuls of food at a time, digging into the shelf of his bib to eat the food that he missed his mouth with the first time around, continuing to find anything minuscule on the floor and shove it in his mouth before we can catch him, finding the loudest possible toy or object to bang or hit, playing peek-a-boo behind the couch laughing hysterically, skipping nap time altogether when there are people to play with which makes his parents tired, being spoiled by aunts, uncles and grandparents who sneak in cookies and pie, helping daddy play the piano, playing cars with the big kids at the nursery at the gym, smiling at everyone who walks by or interacts with him, meeting Santa for the first time completely in awe of his beard and ready for a posed smile instantly (Santa even asked if he could stay all day because he was so good. Poor Santa dealing with all the crying babies.), soaking up all the attention given to him by his loving babysitter Lindsey and wanting to be held all day and be by mommy or daddy’s side at all times. It has been a busy month for sure but James sure brings joy to everyone around him. We are constantly amazed at how much more we fall in love with him and what a fun little boy he is! So grateful for baby James!!


Enjoying the food the dropped into the shelf of his bib. He is a serious eater.


Love this sleeping pose.


Helping decorate for Christmas. Loves ringing the jingle bells.


Getting messy making a birthday card for Auntie Ani.


Helping untangle and test the lights at the neighborhood light testing party.


I love Santa!


Watching his first lacrosse game. Go ALI! Go CATS!


I love my boy!!






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