Raptor Liner


Austin has been up to his usual man projects and this one was no exception. I think anytime you use a product entitled, ‘Raptor Liner,’ with a logo like this there is no question in the manly nature of the task.

I’m sure most of you know what Raptor Liner is but for the sake of those who may not I will explain. It is a liquid liner that you can spray on to a truck/jeep bed to help protect it and make it look super fly. Did I mention that when it is applied it makes this crackly look that appears much like a raptor’s skin? Well at least that is what I gather from the sweet logo. I have not personally seen a raptor so I am just going to have to trust the makers of Raptor Liner.

Anyways, it was an all day project for Austin. He spent the day taking apart the jeep, sanding, taping, spraying the Raptor Liner, and putting the jeep back together. He even got some help from a little baby raptor.

I must say it looks pretty darn sweet! Great work tootsie! RAPTOR LINER FOR LIFE!









The Energizer Baby

James has a sleeping schedule that is utterly exhausting for us parents. He wakes up around 6:30 or 7am, usually takes one or two naps a day only lasting about 30 mins and stays awake until 10pm. Austin and I are not sure how we are going to survive this! When do we get a few minutes to get caught up on chores or have some down time together? At least he sleeps though the night and is a super happy and fun baby. He is currently still playing with his Legos and it is 10:30pm!!!! He is the energizer bunny in real life. My mom says I was the exact same way. I guess I’m just getting payback for all of the sleep that I deprived my parents of.



Randomness in a Busy Time

Life has been busy lately. Thankfully with the holiday season over, soccer coaching about to end and physical therapy for my knee going from three times a week down to once a week life is slowing down. I don’t like being crazy busy. In fact I try to be intentional about not being crazy busy but instead making sure to have time in my schedule to enjoy my family and friends. This is not always possible but I try.
Here are some random pictures and thoughts from the past few weeks.

I have been making Paleo Morning Glory muffins that come out delicious! I could eat the whole batch at once!

I know this is more of a trivial issue, but SERIOUSLY?!?!??!! Why can’t restaurants just serve normal proportions??? I only ate a quarter of this salad, and was not able to refrigerate it due to the fact that I was not heading back to the office. Even if I ask for them to give me less, while paying the same amount, it is as if they cannot comprehend it. What a waste! I CANNOT EAT THAT MUCH!!!! Austin and I generally split everything when we eat out. Sometimes he is not around to split with hence my dilemma on this particular day. PLEASE OH PLEASE STOP THE INSANE, UNNECESSARILY LARGE PROPORTION SIZES! Ok rant over.

Who doesn’t love a Peter Piper Pizza party? Took my soccer girls there and we had lots of fun!

Some of them even rode the mini carousel. They even got me to take a spin. It was cozy for sure. Love these girls!

I know everyone else is talking about it but holy moly it is FREEZING here these days! I am not complaining one bit, but I am not used to my toes never warming up even in the house in Tucson. I read somewhere that we have been even colder than Alaska these past few days. BRRRRRRR. Bundle up Arizonans!

10 Months

James is 10 months old today! Sheesh that’s almost a year!!! Being James’ mommy is seriously getting more fun by the second. His gregarious personality is coming out more and more each day. He makes a presence every time he enters a room with his big huge smile, talkative nature and outgoing ways everyone can’t help but smile back and say hello. He is a squirmy worm and will not sit still more more than a few seconds. He is constantly trying to figure things. He is getting more stable on his feet all of  the time cruising on everything. He still army crawls but does push up on his hands and knees more and more. He still doesn’t have any teeth, but he does not let that get in the way of him eating anything and everything. He is talking more and more and using all kinds of different syllables. He recently discovered clapping, but will not do it if you clap and encourage him to. He wants to clap, and do everything else for that matter, on his accord. Thank you very much. Independent much. We sure do love him so very much and love watching him grow and learn more each day. We are blessed.


James playing with his AWESOME new work bench. Thanks cousins for passing it down!!


Happy Camper


James loves playing with Charlie. Charlie tolerates James.


Zoo day with mommy.


Mesmerized by the sea otter at play.


Thanks for the Zoo passes Denice!! We love the ZOO!


James got some sweet DC shoes for Christmas, so his Daddy decided to get matching ones.


Walking down the street to check out the trucks taking down all of the Christmas lights.


Meeting the horses for the first time with grandpa.


Grandpa proudly showing James the life of a cowboy.


Having fun clapping at lunch.


Happy boy.


Cheerios make taking pictures a bit easier.




Happiness = a mouth full of cheerios.