10 Months

James is 10 months old today! Sheesh that’s almost a year!!! Being James’ mommy is seriously getting more fun by the second. His gregarious personality is coming out more and more each day. He makes a presence every time he enters a room with his big huge smile, talkative nature and outgoing ways everyone can’t help but smile back and say hello. He is a squirmy worm and will not sit still more more than a few seconds. He is constantly trying to figure things. He is getting more stable on his feet all of  the time cruising on everything. He still army crawls but does push up on his hands and knees more and more. He still doesn’t have any teeth, but he does not let that get in the way of him eating anything and everything. He is talking more and more and using all kinds of different syllables. He recently discovered clapping, but will not do it if you clap and encourage him to. He wants to clap, and do everything else for that matter, on his accord. Thank you very much. Independent much. We sure do love him so very much and love watching him grow and learn more each day. We are blessed.


James playing with his AWESOME new work bench. Thanks cousins for passing it down!!


Happy Camper


James loves playing with Charlie. Charlie tolerates James.


Zoo day with mommy.


Mesmerized by the sea otter at play.


Thanks for the Zoo passes Denice!! We love the ZOO!


James got some sweet DC shoes for Christmas, so his Daddy decided to get matching ones.


Walking down the street to check out the trucks taking down all of the Christmas lights.


Meeting the horses for the first time with grandpa.


Grandpa proudly showing James the life of a cowboy.


Having fun clapping at lunch.


Happy boy.


Cheerios make taking pictures a bit easier.




Happiness = a mouth full of cheerios.


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