Told You So

Before we had James I was one of the many pregnant ladies out there in the desperate search to find the best baby carrier out there. There are so many options, all of which are ridiculously overpriced, and quite possibly your baby will dislike however you won’t know until baby comes but you just HAVE TO HAVE ONE! Not to mention the fact that women all over the world use nothing but a piece of fabric to tie up their babies which makes me feel materialistic and a bit crazy at the same time. None the less I felt as if I needed one.

During the search I would send Austin pictures like this:

Showing him just how normal it is for a man to wear his baby. He rejected this idea thoroughly and I think in some ways thought it an attack on his manliness. Time and time again he would state, ‘I will never wear one.’ He would add that he was going to start a new line of ‘Dad’s Products’ which included a 5 gallon orange bucket from Home Depot with two leg holes cut out of the bottom to carry the baby in, and a steel trailer that hooks to the back of your truck and acts as a stroller/car seat/ and tailgating grill all in one. I still have yet to see any movement on this idea.

But my ‘I told you so,’ moment has come as Austin has joined the ranks of ‘sissy’ dads who use a baby carrier. Don’t they both look so happy ? : )



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