New Neighbors

I have fallen in love with our new neighbors. Well really we are the new neighbors, as they have lived in the neighborhood since 1955! They are the sweetest old couple ever. They are both in their mid to late nineties and just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Many people don’t even make it to 70 let alone being married for that long!

Austin and I went over to introduce ourselves around the holidays and they were so welcoming and sweet. The husband is in pretty good health but the wife has a lot of ailments. They have an in home nurse that looks out for them everyday and helps keep up with the wife’s ailments. They do not get out of the house much. However, there are some special occasions that bring them out, like planting a new flower bed and putting up the Christmas decorations.

James and I like to go over and say hello from time to time. James likes to play with their dog and I love to hear their stories. I recently asked them what they have been up to lately and they told me they have been reading Robinson Caruso. The wife was elated when she was telling me about it and how she had forgotten how much she loved the story. I came to find out that the wife’s vision is very poor and that she is no longer able to read on her own. However, her sweet husband of 70 years, reads to her each day. Does it get any sweeter than that? I saw him reading to her today in the front window as James and I walked by. I wonder what they are reading today. I am sure that the difficulties that have come with aging are challenging, but their 70 years of love is so much stronger than any of that. What a beautiful life! I pray that one day Austin and I can grow old together and be able to read to each other.



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