Happy First Birthday Baby James!!

HOW CAN IT BE!!! It has been ONE WHOLE year since Baby James made his appearance!

Look at how little he was.

JamesBaum 2

Being weighed right after birth

JamesBaum 1

A few days old


Just after birth

Look how much he has grown and changed over the past year!

JamesBaum 6

48 hours



3 weeks

3 weeks


2 months


3 months


4 months


5 months


6 months


7 months


8 months


9 months


10 months


11 months

What a fun trip through memory lane with my sweet baby boy. He sure was chunky between 3 and 6 months!

And for what he is up to now… He has started doing SO many new things this past month. He is still as social, happy and loud as ever. He still smiles at almost everyone and feeds off of everyone’s energy. He does not want to sit still at all. Not in the grocery cart, not in the high chair, and not in the yard. In the car he loves to listen to music, espeically the Raffi Pandora station. He will start clapping an dancing as soon as he hears it. Pretty cute view from my rear view mirror. However, all this movement means we are doing the chasing. I am sure it will become even more exhausting once he is walking which is coming soon. He is standing on his own, and reaching from one object to another without realizing he is letting go. Although he had no teeth as of last month, he now has 4 teeth (2 on top 2 on bottom)coming through now which he is discovering how to use. He is talking more and more. He can say boof (dog), mama, dada, baba, mmmmm (more), ba (ball) and nana for no, while shaking his finger and head no at you. He babbles all day long. His sounds are starting to sound more like what you are are saying which is fun. He is LOUD and getting louder by the day. We were in Target the other day and he was screaming DADADA to all of Target. It was literally echoing off the walls. He loves to play outside getting messy in the dirt, playing in water and watching and playing with the dogs. He loves to eat bananas and beans all of the time but anything else is hit or miss. One day he’ll love it the next day he’ll dislike it. If he does not want something he lets you know. He is still as clingy as last month but I am embracing it. I love that he only wants me most of the time. I know it won’t last long. He loves to help unload the dishes and rearrange my Tupperware cabinet and pantry. He is almost completely binky free, which is bitter sweet for this mama as it really means that he is growing up.

We could not be more thankful that the Lord blessed us to be Jame’s parents! He is such a love and joy in our lives.

Lord, we pray for James on His first birthday. We pray that he would continue to grow healthy and strong. We pray that He would know you and your Love. We thank you for the gift of sweet baby James. We thank you for his energy and fun spirit. Bless him always! AMEN!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby James!! We love you with all our hearts! #sorryimnotsorryforthepictureoverload


His new ‘happy’ face. What a goober!


Enjoying the outdoors


Happy poolside baby and daddy


Figuring out the game of croquet


Baby and Mommy











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