Recent Happenings

I have had so many things in my brain I want to blog about lately but can’t get myself to sit down and write. For now here are a few snapshots of the beautiful life I am blessed with and the random moments in between.

I have never liked coffee before, actually I have downright hated it, but for some reason since having James I have been liking it. Pregnancy does weird things to you.

James got to hang out with his best friend Harrison last week. They are only five weeks apart. So fun!

I saw these at Bookmans which made me think two things. One, you can really buy just about anything in America! John Deere Dominoes?? Really? But at the same time the thought goes in my mind ‘those are awesome! I need them.’ And two Bookmans is Amazing and I should spend more time there.

We cheered on the Cats during the PAC 12 tournament with James’ new sweet shoes! Thanks Berans! And James got his first few real bruises and bumps. He is standing on his own but not super stable so he falls easily. Note the bruise on his left cheek. Poor guy

Project garden has commenced! Austin built me 4 large 4×4 raised beds and I brought my pots over from our old house. We filled them with soil and i planted the seeds this weekend. We will see how they grow!

Saw this as we were driving the other day. It’s not everyday you see a car with eyelashes! The owner was laughing at me as I took a picture.

James has been playing the drums lately. He loves it! Super cute.

We took James for his first spin in his new red wagon.
**i decided not to put the picture for the next one as I realize some people may be scarred by it.
We woke up to find a cat carcass on our lawn this weekend. Poor kitty. Seriously hoping it wasn’t one of our neighbors pets.

I just can’t get enough of this face! He is so fun and so stinking cute! Come and play with us anytime. We love having company!


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