Are you someone who has the same password for everything? Or the same two passwords because once you forget a password you can’t use the same one twice? Or even worse you keep a sticky of your passwords under your keyboard or in a notebook? Than this site is for you!!!

Austin told me about it while we were living in Africa and I am not being facetious when I say it has CHANGED MY LIFE, at least in a technology sense. It is called Lastpass and it is simple. You think of one big mammajamma difficult to crack password. You use this as your main password. Anytime you log on to a site that you need a login and password for it will either remember the password you already use if you save it or it will generate a password that is super hard for you. (I honestly do not know most of the passwords I have for sites.) Then your download the plugin and app for Last pass in your browser and phone. Then anytime you log into a site you use it will automatically log you in as long as you are logged in to your lastpass account. You can also share a password (for example a utilities bill that you share with someone). You can change a password easily. You can write secure notes to keep helpful numbers or notes on hand such as family members social security numbers, password numbers, and check routing numbers. It is brilliant really! And it is all SUPER SECURE!

How many sites and passwords are you trying to keep remembering? Stop and take a few minutes to get yourself acquainted with Lastpass. I am sure if you do you will be happy you did!

Why am I plugging this? Ever since I started using it I tell so many people about it and I figured maybe someone else would like the hot tip.


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