Not Your Typical Easter

We had a wonderful and yet unexpected Easter. We began with a beautiful sunrise service. I really love Easter sunrise service. There is something about the beautiful sunrise and the New Life that Easter brings that just go together so nicely. James was a bit squirmy so I spent much of the service at the playground nearby. Ah the life of the mother of a toddler.

Afterwards we went straight to our old house as there was a water leak that needed to be fixed. Austin and his dad attempted to fix it yesterday which only ended up causing a break in the main line. Wa wa. I will note that Austin and his dad are very good at figuring out how to and successfully fixing pretty much anything. The issue here is that the pipes in the house are 70 years old and the rust is beyond repair. They tried their best but it was really just not possible to put a band aid on this serious problem that really just needs to be completely redone. While Austin and his dad did this James and I worked on pulling the weeds and trimming the trees. He is a great little helper and really enjoys being outside. We ended up spending a good four hours there. While many others were attending Easter services, hunting for eggs, all dolled up and getting ready to eat a ham brunch we were covered in dirt and mud working hard in the yard. This is not a pity party as we did love the service we went to this morning and it was beautiful out. It was just not exactly how I imagined the day to go. After some time it was apparent that we needed to hire someone to fix this massive issue. Thankfully we were able to get some to come and put in a temporary fix for today and finish the job this week, otherwise our poor renters would have to come shower at our place. *When having water/electricity outages/or car troubles I am always grateful! We are so lucky to have running water and electricity that works all (or at least 99%) of the time. After living in Tanzania, where this is not this case, it sure gives you perspective on this.* Anyways, it should be fixed for reals by the end of the week. Hooray.


James helping his dad fix the leak.



Playing with Auntie Amy at the pool.


Our Family Easter photo.


Love our sweet silly little family.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool. This weekend James also hit some major milestones as he took his first few real steps and has discovered climbing. Watch out! There is no more rest for anyone watching baby James now. : )

Regardless, this day is about Him and his Resurrection! He is Risen! Hallelujah! He is so good and faithful. Happy Easter Everyone!


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