He’s Officially a Toddler!

Climbing the ladder

Climbing the ladder

No fear

No fear

Crying because he ate dirt and it didn't taste good.

Face he made after eating dirt.

Happy Baby!

Happy Baby!

James is officially a toddler, which makes me officially a mother of a toddler. Here are the signs I know that we are now in the next phase of parenting:

1. There is no such thing as downtime when James is awake. There is now lots of chasing and watching carefully to make sure he does not bump or fall too badly.

2. The sass has begun. I came home from work on Friday and James looked at me with grumpy eyes and hit me. HE HIT ME! My sweet little baby boy hit me. I am sure there is much more to come of this. We now have to learn how to discipline. It’s a whole other ball game.

3. My son is fearless. He can climb up our 8 foot slide on his own (I am right there don’t worry). He will walk into a big pool completely trusting that we will catch him. He can climb onto just about any chair. He will attempt to climb ladder rungs. We have to watch him like a hawk.

4. My car rides consist of the Raffi Pandora station. James enjoys it a lot clapping and dancing along, however I am not sure who enjoys it more me or him? There are some jams on that station! Who can help busting out to, “No More Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed,” or “The Wheels On the Bus.” (I am sure I could choose other stations he would enjoy, but seriously I like the station.)

5. Mini tantrums have begun. This is probably my least favorite. James will now scream and throw himself a bit when he does not want something. Mostly this is in regards to having his diaper changed. I always feel like I am in a movie scene when I am changing his diaper and he is the dramatic one screaming, “WHY MEEEE???” with tears streaming down the face and he’s cherry red from screaming. I will win this battle little one.

6. I plan many of the things I need to get done around nap time or after bed time. When he is awake it is crazy trying to get things done, although I do still get some things done, I happily stop my busy day to play with my Jamesy. I am truly learning the meaning of selflessness as my list of things to do quickly gets waylaid. It is so humbling.

7. He is becoming more picky. He has always been a pretty good eater and will try most things but lately he has figured out that if he points and grunts enough he can lead you right to the animal crackers or cheerios in the pantry. He very much chooses what he wants to eat and does not let you choose for him. However, it is difficult because one day he will eat something and love it the next day he will not. All I can do is keep trying things over and over.

8. We have fun!! He now loves to play with bubbles, push his car around and play in the pool. He likes to sit and read books and has lots of favorites already. He has lots of words and signs that make communication so much easier. He is so full of personality. Whenever we walk into a place with lots of people he throws his hands up starts to wave and says “HI” really loudly, announcing his presence and rousing smiles from everyone in the room. What a ham!

Although this phase maybe challenging I am excited to see what it brings and to soak up every minute of it. We are so very blessed to be parents!

Here are a few videos of his first steps for the grandmas. The first one is the first night he took steps(3/29). The second showing off his stability now. He is so proud of himself.

James First Steps

James Showing Off His Walking


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