Life in the Fast Lane

Life has been so busy lately. Too busy if you ask me. Here is a picture of why…

We put our old house on the market.
My parents moved in for a few weeks while they were in between houses. We sure appreciated the extra entertainment for James in the house.
James and Charlie have become best friends. Charlie mostly because he is fed practically all day by James.
James is all about playing all day long. He is one energizer bunny, but so much fun!
We held the third annual Kentucky Derby Party and Goldfish Races. Success!
The winning team!
We attended the annual Cinco De Mayo party in our neighborhood. Complete with a HUGE inflatable water slide, pinatas, and grandpa giving James cookies.
Mom and Dad moved out. We helped as much as we could but my great Uncle Frank, who is 80, gets most of the credit!
James is climbing more and more. Austin’s mom informed me Austin was a climber too. Apparently it’s genetic.
We celebrated cousin Jill’s graduation from the U of A! Wildcats for Life!
Austin’s cousins the Buckelew’s came to town. They never fail to bring some life to the party!
Austin’s Mama and Craig came to town and stayed with us. We got to celebrate Mother’s Day with them. James was excited to be spoiled by grandma and we were happy to see both of them!
We celebrated Mother’s day with my mommy too! Love you mommy!
Thankfully, things have slowed down a bit. We are getting some down time and friend time.  We even had an official date night. Life is so precious and I don’t want it to pass us by more quickly than it needs too. I intentionally try to slow down this fast paced life style, so I can soak it up as much as possible.


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