15 Months

Baby James is growing up fast and although he will always be my baby the reality of him actually being a baby is not going to last much longer.

He is so much fun these days. Seriously. Come play with us anytime. He is guaranteed to make you smile and completely wear you out with his energy level. Some of our favorite things he does right now include:

Asking to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over, but mostly just the ‘down came the rain’ part as apparently I was very dramatic in teaching him this part and it is the only part he will do with me.

Telling Charlie ‘GO’ in a very commanding voice while eating at the table, because he started to really enjoy feeding Charlie during dinner and we had to start cracking down on it.

Still loving working hard. Dusting, raking, sweeping, fixing things with his screwdriver, washing the car, working on the jeep, watering the plants, putting away dishes, even wanting to help pick up dog poop. He is a hard worker.

Asking my dad for food every time he sees him, because he knows grandpa with give him something sweet.

Torturing, I mean loving on Charlie. He jumps on him, yells at him, cuddles him, pets him, smacks him and Charlie is so good about it all. When Charlie has had enough he removes himself from the circumstance. I think he secretly loves James because he feeds him so much, and loves giving him bones in the morning. James will say sit or down and Charlie dutifully will follow the command for the bone. James also loves getting Charlie’s food. He knows he only gets two scoops and can do most of it on his own. So cute to watch. Charlie is seriously the best dog for babies ever!

His vocabulary is growing everyday. He loves reading books and pointing to objects he knows. He is getting really good at animal sounds too.

He loves to sing our favorite song, Night Night, no matter the time of day. It is a song my dad made up for us as kids and James has taken a liking to it. He can sing most of it.

Pointing out every ball, ‘boof’ -dog, bird, and cat while we are on walks.

Rolling in piles of laundry and wearing our clothes on his head.

Pretending the laundry basket is a choo choo train. Pushing it and saying goo goo.

Making a fishy face and laughing afterwards because he thinks it is so funny.

Tickling our feet and saying ‘teeco teeco’ with a big proud smile on his face.

Running! He is fast now but this also comes with many bumps and bruises as he falls all the time.

He brings so much joy to us and our families. I am sure we are going to miss this stage one day and so we are trying to soak every second up. I love the pitter patter of his feet running around the house and his morning cuddles. Being a mommy is more of a blessing than I could have every imagined! Thank you Jesus for sweet baby James!