Update Time

It has been a bit since I have scribbled down my thoughts but it’s not because I haven’t had any thoughts. No, it’s because pregnancy can completely change your motivation and drive to get things done and ability to do things you normally love to do. However, I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. I have actually been trying to limit myself from technology as much as I can, and really intentionally live in the moment. I have loved doing this so far and plan on continuing.

So for now I will give some snap shots into the life of the Baum Family.

San Diego: We headed West for beautiful San Diego for the first ever FamJam. It was a super awesome time hanging out with our friends on the beautiful beach and enjoying great company outside of our normal parameters. Can’t wait for next year!


House: We finally did it! We bought our house! Hooray! After our initial offer in June of 2012, lots of craziness, the ability to rent the house with the option to purchase, we have finally signed the papers. We could not be more thankful! Come on over anytime! We love having people and want to share the blessing of this house with everyone!


Baby Awesome: As you may know, Baby Baum #2 is on the way. We could not be more excited! Although the first trimester was rough we made it through and I am feeling back to normal. Austin had a dream a few months before we got pregnant that I named the baby without him, and the baby’s name was, “Awesome Hawkins Baum.” He is convinced now that it was a dream from God and that we MUST name the baby this, boy or girl. Ha. Either way the baby is due Christmas Eve. Such a busy time in life but such a beautiful way to really remember the birth of Christ and be able to resonate with it personally. Life is such a gift.

James: He continues to be a joy. He is a sponge these days and it is so fun watching him learn new things. He loves turtles and the way he says turtle is the cutest thing. My parents have a turtle so he gets to see and touch a real one pretty much everyday. Austin showed James how to hit a ball with a bat and James now goes around the house hitting a ball with a plastic bowling pin, stick, or any thing else you can use to hit a ball with. He is good at improvising materials. I see a tee in our future. He loves to kick a soccer ball around. He loves to race and if you say, ‘on your marks get set go,’ he bends over a bit in a ready position. He is getting faster everyday. He has gotten way into music lately. Although he likes listening to it, he much prefers watching it live or playing it. He now rotates between the guitar, piano and dJembe at our house. We better start some lessons soon : ) He is still Mr. Social and will say hi and interact with just about everyone. He loves to be around other kids. He hugs them and even kisses the girls in the nursery. Trouble! He loves being outside and playing in the water. He loves to play with keys, particularly single keys so he can pretend to unlock things. He is talking up a storm and communicates well which is so nice for us parents. He has started some serious gibberish which I’m sure makes complete sense to him but we don’t understand any of it. He takes after his father and loves fixing things. He has now figured out how to put a screw into a screw hole and use a screw driver to rotate it. It is pretty fun to watch him learn and process things.

Finances: I am attempting to learn some basic accounting so that I can do our business books and keep our personal finances in line and not have to pay someone else to do it. Ha. Never thought I would be the one to do this but I have been praying for motivation to do this and the Lord has answered. I feel like I have taken Accounting 101 from the amount of learning and research I have been doing. Some days I think I would rather run a few marathons in a row while 9 months pregnant, but I know it will pay off in the long run. Any hot tips from others are appreciated!

Mommyhood: I have been truly enjoying mommyhood and really do want to write more on the subject, (I know me and all the other million mommies out there.) However, I hope to do that in the near future, but I am pregnant and not making any promises or commitments right now.

Feeling Full: Mostly I am thankful for the Love of Jesus which has sustained me through the good and the challenges. He is so good and has blessed me with way more than I deserve. Life is so full right now and I am trying to take it one minute at a time and savor it all.