Pumpkin Patch Fun

Today we had the chance to check out the local pumpkin patch with a group of friends and all of our kiddos. The last time I went to a pumpkin patch must have been when I was in first or second grade so I think I might have been more excited then James. James’ Grandma gave him a book about pumpkins and Halloween a few weeks ago and we started reading it right away. He loved it and now points out any pumpkins he sees. The best part is when he says pumpkin it comes out more like, “bumpkin,” so all I day long I hear, “bumpkin, bumpkin.”

Anyways back to the pumpkin patch, they had a pretty sweet set up. Pig races, pumpkin cannons, train rides, sweet bouncy inflatable thingys, and of course picking pumpkins. I think it is safe to say everyone had a good time and we all succeeded in getting pumpkins! I had one of those surreal life moments while we were riding the choo choo train. I thought, “How is it that we are here in this stage of life? Married with kids? Riding the choo choo train?” I still can’t believe it sometimes. Life goes by so quickly but OH what a SWEET time in life it is!


Watching the pig races with the daddies.


Love this. James is pointing out the plane in the sky.


Checking out the piggies.


Trying to get this many kids to take a picture is impossible.


Picking out his pumpkin.


And did I mention the sunset was INCREDIBLE!


Me and my boy.


Those cheeks!


Trick to getting lots of kids to take a picture=give them something sweet to eat.


Gahh he melts my heart.


Family pumpkin patch pic 2013. I’m so blessed.


One thought on “Pumpkin Patch Fun

  1. Gorgeous children, daddies, sunset, pumpkin patch and YOU! Thank you for sharing
    these times with this blessed Grandma. Love you all!

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