The Joys of Second Pregnancy

So many of you many think that the title of this post is sarcastic, but in fact it is not at all. There are so many reasons why I like pregnancy the second time around SO SO SO much better than the first time.

1. The fear of the unknown is gone. The first time around I had fear and anxiety of the birthing process, what to expect, what could go wrong etc. This time because I have been through it my fears and anxiety are almost completely gone. I do know that things could go differently, but I also know that I have a great doctor who I trust and more importantly a God who is taking care of me and baby.

2. I don’t have to register! Registering for baby stuff and having to figure out what was a need verses another unnecessary baby gadget was super stressful for me. I like to keep it simple or at least as simple as possible. If you haven’t been to Babies’R Us, let me tell you, they sure have cooked up some pretty ridiculous ‘MUST HAVE’ mommy things out there. I am so so glad I have already been through it, and do not feel the need to stress about which baby carrier I need, or which car seat is the safest.

3. Time goes by faster. There is no doubt when you are running after a little one the pregnancy goes by much faster. Each week we were pregnant with James we made up an alliterative name to correspond to the fruit that he was the size of. I don’t think I could even keep up with that this time around. We are just five weeks away from the due date and I find myself wanting things to slow down so I can get a bit more prepared and feel not so crazy before this baby comes. ( I guess this could also be because it is the middle of holiday season as well.)

4. Every pregnancy is different. While so far for me this has been true, I would not say it is as drastic as it is for some people out there. In the first trimester I was about as equally sick as I was with James, however I was WAY more exhausted, and have been WAY more emotional the entire pregnancy. I also feel like this baby is higher than James. I have a harder time breathing and can’t eat as much with this one. Do I think that any of these things point to what the sex is? NO! Not at all. I have had friends with totally different symptoms each pregnancy and have the same sex both times. I am just praying for a healthy baby. The one thing that I have a love/hate relationship with this pregnancy is that this baby LOVES sweets. With James even fruit was too sweet for me. With this baby all I want is a baked good every day. I don’t even like that many sweets when I am not pregnant. Hoping this goes away once the baby comes.

5. I really get to enjoy it! I have found myself really enjoying being pregnant this time. I am lucky in the fact that I feel pretty good most of pregnancy. During my entire second trimester I had so much energy and was nesting like crazy. I was so productive it was AWESOME! Also, this time it is not so weird to feel the movement of the baby. This time I think instead, WOW! This is so cool! This baby is my future baby! And it is so much more tangible because I have my sweet baby James to compare to.

I am starting to feel bigger and slow down but overall this pregnancy has been super smooth. I am thankful that all has gone well so far. I am thankful for this baby on the way. Can’t wait to meet this little one and add one more to the Baum clan.

Baby Baum and I waiting patiently at our check up a few weeks ago.

Baby Baum and I waiting patiently at our check up a few weeks ago.


20 Months

James is 20 months today, and while it may not be the most memorable age marker, I am trying to soak up every bit of the time I have left with just him. Baby Baum #2 will be here before we know it and James will not be the only grandchild on both sides, only child or star of the show. I know this will be good for him but I can’t help but want to soak in these moments with him as he is such a fun kid and has so much personality.

Things he does/ have happened lately:

1. Asks to color almost everyday. He likes to pick the colored pencil, and part of the picture for you to color and then have you do the coloring. Occasionally he will join in on the actual coloring but for the most part he likes to put others to work. He is starting to be able to identify some colors which is fun.

2. Jumps! Well he can’t really jump yet but his BFF Harrison showed him his jumping skills and James has gone crazy for it. He frequently goes around the house saying ‘jumping, jumping, jumping’ while attempting to jump. He will ask whoever is with him to jump with him. This makes for pretty fun times and lots of giggling.

3. Learning to say no. He is saying no to just about everything these days. As in, ‘Do you want to play with your Legos?’ ‘No.’ ‘Do you want to go outside?’ ‘No’ I am more and more convinced he is just saying it to be contrary. I can even ask him things like, ‘Do you want ice cream?’ And he will still say no. This is where the ‘you can’t reason with a toddler!’ part comes in and you just have to ignore grumpiness and let them know they can’t always get what they want.

4. He loves to read. I have been trying to add to our books and get some variety as I get bored reading the same things over and over. We have recently added ‘Skippyjon Jones’ which is pretty funny and ‘Why do camels have humps?’ Which has tons of animals in it to point out.

5. He loves the zoo. With our awesome zoo pass, we try to get to the zoo as much as possible. James is getting more and more aware of all of the animals. The zoo recently added some bear cubs and lemurs which are fun to watch. His favorites now are the ‘momos’-‘monkeys,’ turtles, and tiger. We got to see some tiger training which was really cool and James wasn’t scared at all. What a tough guy.

6. Stung by a bee. James got stung by a bee on the top of his foot. Poor guy. His foot got a bit swollen but no allergic reaction thankfully. He was limping around for a day or so but it healed quickly. Wheew!

7. First real trick-or-treating. My parents took James out for his first real Halloween. He reportedly loved it and was even willing to go to the door by himself and say thank you. However, one of our neighbors wore a scary werewolf mask and legitimately scared him. After that he was not so into it, and all scary masks equalled him wanting to be held. I don’t blame him, I get scared of them too.

8. Loves being outside. He wants to play outside all day. Ball, swings, slide, cars, digging, sorting rocks does not matter as long as he is outside. I don’t mind one bit as the weather is PERFECT these days.

9. Cuddling in the morning. He loves to cuddle in the mornings, which I love. He wraps his arms around my neck, squeezes tight and says, ‘cuddle cuddle.’ Melts my heart!

10. Amen! He is now very in tune with saying grace before meals and at bed time. Now he will bow his head and say grace before we can even think of it. If someone new comes to the table he wants to pray again. And he always gives a good Amen at the end. We pray that being thankful to The Lord something that sticks with him as he grows!

He is so precious and we are so grateful for each day we get to be his parents.









5 Years Later

So this is a bit late, but better late than never. I think this baby has stolen all of my motivation to write. Hopefully it will come back once the baby comes, because I enjoy it so much and have so much I would like to write and capture for our family.

Anyways, this post goes out to the one and only AUSTIN BAUM aka my hubby aka Tootsie! It is hard to believe that it has been five years since we were married. I could have never imagined the journey that the Lord would have taken us on for these five years, and I am so grateful that we get to enjoy this journey of life together.


Serious faces on our night out during our most recent anniversary trip to Flagstaff.

Highlights from the past 5 years:

1. Lots of traveling opportunities. We stole an idea from our friends to celebrate our anniversaries. Each year we switch who plans the anniversary. We always go out of town and kids are not allowed. This makes for fun surprises each year and lots of adventure. So far we have made it to Hawaii for our honeymoon, the Spice capital Zanzibar, the beautiful Sedona, the beaches of San Carlos, and the land of the beautiful pines Flagstaff. Each one has been so special and fun. We also grab a Christmas tree decoration at each one so over the years we have a momento from each adventure. Most importantly quality time to reflect on the year and spend intentional time with each other.


Honeymooning in Hawaii. November 2008.

2. Living in Africa. We had no idea when we got married that the Lord would call us to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our year there was such a formative year in our marriage. I recommend moving to a foreign country or at least out of your home town to many young married now as I really think this is what has given us such a solid foundation as a married couple. *This is not for everyone but there are many I think it is very appropriate for.* Anyways, besides the privilege of being able to experience the beauty of a small part of Africa, being apart of an AWESOME school for missionary kids, getting to be apart of Young Life Africa in person, and being able to learn and appreciate Tanzanian culture, we both grew in the Lord so much. One day maybe we will be called back to Dar, or to another place. We wouldn’t be opposed to it. :  )


Christmas in Dar es Salaam. December 2009.

3. Moving into our dream neighborhood. Since before we were married we talked about moving into Winterhaven, the neighborhood in Tucson where everyone goes to see Christmas lights. After patience and waiting on His timing, this dream became a reality. We have LOVED being apart of this awesome neighborhood. I have never known so many neighbors in my life, or been a part of a neighborhood that is so alive and active.

4. Having Baby James and Baby Baum #2 on the way. We always knew we wanted kids and we are so thankful for Baby James and this soon to be baby Baum. Being a parent has been an amazing, challenging, exhausting and full of joy all at once. We wouldn’t change it for the world. Parenting brings out the best and the worst in everyone. It takes a lot of love, patience and prayer to make it through but the joy far out weighs the challenges.


Family Pumpkin Patch Picking. October 2013.

5. Ups and Downs. There is no doubt that in marriage there are ups and downs. Truthfully, this year has been difficult for us. This pregnancy I have been SO EMOTIONAL. Yes, admittedly I am the crazy pregnant lady. This is not easy on either of us. However, despite all of the difficulties we have made it through and we choose to love each other even on the hard days. Our faith in Christ reminds of the kind of sacrificial love that is needed for the good days and the bad days. I am thankful that we have this to cling to and to get us through.

And now for some  of the many reasons I love my hubby:

1. He is able to fix pretty much anything. His ability to read about a problem and then actually fix it is unlike anyone I have ever known. It is quite impressive and I am so thankful for all of the many things he has fixed over the years.


Working hard in the garage.

2. He is a wonderful daddy. He loves James so well and James adores him too. Austin is so good at showing him how to do things already, and James LOVES to help him with every project. Some of my favorite things to watch are James and Austin working in the yard with the rakes, reading books together, fixing things on the jeep, working in the garage and whatever other projects they are cooking up.


Precious moments.

3. He is so great at using his gifts for others. The truth is my husband is a really talented nerdy techie. He is super good at what he does for a living, including web design and development. Being THAT GUY there are a lot of people who can use help with this sort of thing. Being the giving man he is, he graciously chooses to use the gifts he has been given to give back to others. It is so humbling to watch.

4. He knows how to have fun. From random funny texts, to silly late night conversations, and his dry sense of humor, life is never dull or too serious.

5. He loves me well. He knows that my love language is words of affirmation and regularly puts it to practice. He challenges me to be a better person in so many ways. He encourages me. He leads me to closer to Christ.

I cannot wait to see where the next 5 years leads us. Love you my sweet Tootsie!! You are such a blessing in every way!

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